137_1profpicI think I know enough about myself. But every time I am prompted to write an ‘about me’ page I freeze. My fingers hover over the keyboard. They twitch as they halfheartedly jerk towards the keys only to retreat on second thought. My right pinky is the busiest in these endeavors, having developed a touchy relationship with the backspace key. … I guess what I am trying to say is, there are few constants in my life. Thus I am limited in the combinations of letters I could string together to adequately tell you about myself. I am dynamic. There is much to tell, the story has a lot of tangents.

In Brief: Made in Kenya

For a less concise About me, read.

The written word often escapes the visual artist. I have exciting projects lined up and awesome things to share from time to time.

My name is Martin Agata Indiatsi

I am a photographer: I am a story teller: I am a visual artist

Follow my blog and give insight if you are compelled to.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Agata – I love your blog as an entree into your writing and photography. I hope our paths cross again soon, my fellow traveler.

  2. Agata! This is Sarah from Williams… and you taught me Swahili. The time has finally come for me to practice my Swahili and to live in Kenya. I would love to be in touch and get your recommendations on places to stay, visit, contacts, etc.

    Hope all’s well, and my email is Sarah.c.hill09@gmail.com


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