40 days Artfully Wandering


Entry:  Day 0

I am moved by…”what does it mean to live artfully”

The next 40 days, I am committing to breathing life…creating every day. Experiencing creative expression. Submitting to the waves of the process. The triumphs and defeats. Honestly. Whole heartedly. Practicing and creating awareness around the liberation of those creative ghosts– reincarnating them with juvenile funk.

The last 40 days, my body wandered in search of understanding of strength. In turn the cultivation of trust in the ability to lean heavily against the frontier of its limits. Ultimately, the genesis of a fortification of the vessel with which I will play on this earth.

These next 40 days, my Spirit will wander. With creative artful immersive suspension as compass.




La Liberté

…meanwhile, in Gisenyi, Rwanda La Liberte

oh feuille d’air
vous qui porte mes semelles .
Luttez avec la gravité,
tourner dans le vent.
Me récompense avec la liberté,
sur la terre et sous l’eau.
Garder mon souffle vrai,
et ne jamais éteindre le feu
qui porte mon âme .

La Liberté

oh sheet of air,
you who bears my soles.
Wrestle with gravity,
turn into wind.

Award me with freedom,
over land and under water.
Keep my breath true,
and never extinguish the fire
that bears my soul.